Bayes4Health 2021 (Cambridge, UK,14.09.2021)

Accelerating the understanding of rare events (Leiden, NL,6.09.2021)

Conference on the Numerical Solution of Differential and Differential-Algebraic Equations (NUMDIFF-16) (Halle, Germany,6.09.2021)

Scientific Computing and Differential Equations (Reykjavík, Iceland,postponed to 2022)

ICML 2021 (Virtual,18.07.2021 - 24.07.2021)

SIAM Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science, Workshop Computational Statistical Physics ((Online),17.5.2021)

Geometric Numerical Integration (Oberwolfach,28.3.2021)

NeurIPS 2020 OptML workshop (Virtual,12.12.2020)

2nd Symposium on Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems (Field Institute, Toronto (online),21.09.2020)

London Mathematical Society - Mathematics of Machine Learning (Bath, UK (online),3.08.2020)

FOCM 2020 - Workshop on Geometric Integration and Computational Mechanics (Vancouver, Canada (online),15.06.2020)

Computational Biomedicine (Munich, Germany (online),16.03.2020)

Molecular modelling and simulation - celebrating 50 years CECAM (CECAM, Lausanne,9.9.2019)

Berlin Mathematical School Summer School 2019- Mathematics of Deep Learning (BMS, Berlin,19.8.2019)

Generalized Langevin equations in classical and quantum simulations (Bernoulli Institute (CIB), Lausanne,4.6.2019)

Computational mathematics for model reduction and predictive modelling in molecular and complex systems (Bernoulli Institute (CIB) &CECAM, Lausanne,1.5.2019)

Stochastic dynamics on large networks - prediction and inference (Max Planck Institute (Dresden),15.10.2018)

Large scale activated event simulations (Erwin Schroedinger Institute,1.10.2018)

Royal Society Theo Murphy Conference on Multiresolution Simulations of Intracellular Processes (Chicheley Hall (Royal Society),24.9.2018)

Applied Math Summer School (Peking University,23.7.2018)

i-Like Conference (Newcastle,20.6.2018)

Data driven modelling of complex systems (ATI-London,8.5.2018)

Symposium on Data-driven Methods in Molecular Simulations of Soft-Matter Systems (SYMS) (EPS-DPG Joint Conference Berlin,11.3.2018)

Methods for particle systems with multiple scales (WIAS/Berlin,29.5.2017)

Stochastic dynamics out of equilibrium (CRM/Marseille,3.4.2017)

Numerical aspects of nonequilibrium dynamics (IHP/Paris,25.4.2017)

New trends in Mathematical Physics at the interface of Analysis and Probability (University College London,15.2.2017)

GLE2017 (Generalized Langevin Equation) (Kings College, London,12.1.2017)

Collective variables in classical mechanics (IPAM/UCLA,24.10.2016)

Multiscale Simulation Methods in Soft Matter Systems II (CECAM/TU Darmstadt,4.10.2016)

Stochastic numerical algorithms, multiscale modeling and high-dimensional data analytics (ICERM/Brown University,18.7.2016)

Big data for the physical sciences (Turing Institute/London,13.1.2016)

Data Intensive and Extreme Scale Numerical Simulation (Turing Institute/London,5.1.2016)

Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Biology (Newton Institute/Cambridge,4.1.2016)

Challenges in Stat Mech (Imperial College,7.12.2015)

Predictive Multiscale Materials (Cambridge (Turing Gateway),1.12.2015)

Probabilistic Numerics (Turing Institute/London,19.11.2015)

Evolution Equations (Maxwell Institute/Edinburgh,16.9.2015)

International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) (Beijing,10.8.2015)

Mathematics in Data Science (ICERM/Brown University,28.7.2015)

Free Energy Calculations (Banff/Oaxaca,19.7.2015)

Mathematical Methods in Quantum Molecular Dynamics (Oberwolfach,31.5.2015)

Nosé Dynamics 30 Years (Tokyo,10.11.2014)

Advances in Enhanced Sampling Methods (Telluride, Colorado,1.7.2014)

Searching for Reaction Coordinates and Order Parameters (Telluride, Colorado,7.7.2014)

Multiscale computational methods in materials modelling (Edinburgh,18.6.2014)

Computational methods for statistical mechanics (ICMS/Edinburgh,2.6.2014)

Symposium on Statistical Mechanics - Computational coarse-graining of many-body systems (Warwick,9.12.2013)

Complex Molecular Systems (Lorentz Centre/Leiden,13.8.2013)