The membership of the Network will remain fluid; at any time it is probably best defined as the participants to the latest meeting. The list below is that of the founding members, with their research interests.

  • S Belcher (Reading): Wave-turbulence interactions, air-sea interactions
  • C J Chapman (Keele): High-speed flows, acoustic waves
  • M Cullen (Met Office): Atmospheric dynamics, data assimilation, nonlinear PDEs
  • D G Dritschel (CoI, St Andrews): Geophysical wave and vortex dynamics, theory and computation
  • R Grimshaw (Loughborough): Nonlinear waves in fluids, solitary waves, wave-mean flow interactions, vortex dynamics
  • G Esler (UCL): Geophysical fluid dynamics, middle atmosphere dynamics, flow over topography
  • M E McIntyre (Cambridge): Atmospheric dynamics
  • S Nazarenko (Warwick): Turbulence, waves and vortices
  • P L Read (Oxford): Geophysical fluid dynamics, baroclinic and barotropic instabilities, geostrophic turbulence
  • I Roulstone (Surrey): Hamiltonian fluid mechanics, atmospheric dynamics
  • R K Scott (St Andrews): Geophysical wave and vortex dynamics, theory and computation
  • V I Shrira (CoI, Keele): Nonlinear waves, fluid mechanics, geophysical fluid dynamics, water waves
  • J Vanneste (PI, Edinburgh): Fluid mechanics, asymptotic methods
  • V Vlasenko (Plymouth): Nonlinear waves, wave/flow/topography interactions, theory and computation
  • D Wirosoetisno (Durham): Fluid dynamics, partial differential equations, applied analysis