Welcome to the Network on wave-flow interactions. This network, funded by the EPSRC programme Network in Mathematics, groups twenty or so UK researchers working on various aspects of the interactions between flows and waves in fluids. Activities include the organisation of meetings and workshops. The first meeting was held on 26-27 June 2008 at the University of Keele; the second meeting was held on 25-29 May 2009 in Edinburgh. The third meeting was held on 14-18 June 2010 in St Andrews.

The fourth and final meeting was held in Cambridge on 11-15 April 2011. It was joint with the meeting MEM70 (11-12 April) which celebrated Michael McIntyre's scientific career on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Research topic

The fluids encountered in environmental and industrial applications are often endowed with restoring mechanisms which lead to the propagation of waves. When they propagate in a fluid, waves can interact with the fluid motion in a variety of ways. Crucially, it is a two-way interaction: fluid motion generate waves, but waves also force fluid motion. Because waves and flows often have very different spatial and temporal scales, and because they involve very different physical processes, modelling their interactions poses a considerable technical and conceptual challenge. The purpose of this Network is to address these challenges by bringing together a number of UK researchers with expertise in different aspects of the problem: mathematical modelling, numerical simulations, and laboratory experiments.

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