School of Mathematics

Working with industry

At the School of Mathematics, we are very happy to explore opportunities to work with industry, and have a strong track record of doing so in areas such as:

Energy – the mathematical foundations of energy system planning and operation; risk assessment for energy supply shortfalls; methods for optimising operation of electrical power systems; efficient computation in large scale energy models.


Financial mathematics – financial modelling and optimisation; financial risk and asset management including approaches to portfolio decisions; programming and algorithm construction; probability and stochastic analysis.


Statistics and data science – analysis and programming for a range of applications, eg health, economics, environmental; Bayesian approaches to extreme values and sparse datasets; simplex and interior point method solutions to large scale optimisation problems.


We can also help to build multidisciplinary interactions with industry across the University.


For more information, please contact Davey Fitch, Business Development Executive at the School.