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Degree structure

Scottish degree programmes typically take four years to allow the option to study other subjects. The School of Mathematics also offers options to complete degrees in three years.

Scottish degrees

Traditionally, Scottish degree programmes take four years. Occasionally referred to as 'broad programmes', Scottish degrees allow time in the first two years to study additional subjects alongside your main degree subject. These subjects are known as outside subjects. You can use them to continue studying subjects you enjoyed at school, or to explore new areas for interest or a future career.

Popular choices which fit well with Mathematics (and are required on certain Joint Honours programmes) include Business, Informatics, Economics and Physics. Languages are also a popular option and can be studied at an introductory level, and occasionally at a higher level. Generally, the outside subjects taken in Year 2 do not have to be the same as those taken in Year 1.

By taking outside subjects, this can create some flexibility within your degree. If you have taken the right outside subjects, it is sometimes possible to transfer to another degree programme. This is most commonly going from a single honours programme to a joint honours programme or vice versa.

Although taking outside subjects, your focus will still be your main degree subject(s). On Mathematics programmes, a maximum of half your time will be spent studying outside subjects, an You will only take outside subjects in the first two years of the programme. From Year 3, you will just study your main degree subject(s).

To see some examples of subjects and courses that out students have taken, click the button below.

Outside Subjects

Second Year Entry

For some of our programmes, it is possible to go directly into the second year and study an accelerated degree programme. On the accelerated programme, you will take Year 2 mathematics courses, plus dedicated accelerated courses which cover the key ideas from Year 1. The accelerated courses will take up most of the time typically allocated to outside subjects. However there is usually space in the timetable to study one outside course.

The main differences with Second Year Entry are that it shortens the length of your degree by a year, meaning the BSc degree takes three years and the MMath degree takes four. You will also study mostly mathematics from the start, rather than having a breadth of subjects available to you.

The accelerated programme is more demanding than our broad programmes and so has different entry requirements. These entry requirements can be found on the Undergraduate Degree Finder.

One of the concerns students have in relation to Second Year Entry is the social aspect, and are sometimes worried that social groups have already been established. On average we have approximately 40 students following Second Year Entry. You will be with this group for the accelerated courses, and will get to know others taking the accelerated pathway. For all your other teaching, you will be taught alongside the rest of the Year 2 cohort, and will have a chance to integrate into the larger year group there. Although technically in Year 2 of the programme, you are considered to be a first year in every other aspect. For example, you will be in halls of residence with other first years and will experience Welcome Week as a first year.