School of Mathematics

School of Mathematics

The School of Mathematics has approximately 50 academic staff supervising PhD projects and 60 PhD students. Many of the academic staff are leaders in their field of research, have been honoured with the receipt of numerous prizes, including:

  • Fields Medal and Abel Prize awarded to Sir Michael Atiyah, an Honorary Professor in the School of Mathematics
  • Adams Prize (Vanneste)
  • European Mathematical Society Prize (Smoktunowicz)
  • Leverhulme Prizes and Fellowships (Aitken, Carbery, Figueroa-O'Farrill,Leimkuhler,Ranicki,Vanneste)
  • LMS Berwick Prize (Gordon, Ranicki), LMS Whitehead Prize (Ranicki, Smoktunowicz)
  • EPSRC Leadership/Advanced Fellowship (Gordon, Smoktunowicz)
  • Sierpinski Prize of Polish Academy of Sciences (Smoktunowicz)
  • NERC Advanced Fellow(Vanneste)

Current and retired members of the School who are RSE Fellows include:  Sir Michael Atiyah (a former President) and Professors Anthony Carbery, Sandy Davie, Alastair Gillespie, Iain Gordon, Istvan Gyongy, Douglas Heggie, Philip Heywood, Ben Leimkuhler, Andrew Ranicki, Alan Sinclair, Agata Smoktunowicz, Jacques Vanneste and Jim Wright.

For information on the University's research, please see the Edinburgh Research Explorer

The mathematics research environment is vibrant, with established expertise in nearly all facets of mathematics, for further details see the School of Mathematics Research website. Edinburgh is also the home of the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), a research institute whose remit is the organization of week long workshops/conferences in recent advances in the mathematical sciences. The presence of ICMS brings a steady stream of mathematicians to Edinburgh, approximately 1600 researchers every year.