School of Mathematics

Applied and Computational Mathematics Alumni

Here is a selection of our Alumni who have kindly given permission for us to include their PhD thesis on our website. The authors retain their copyright to the PhD theses posted here. Any use made of their work must be acknowledged.

Richard Archibald, Supervisor:  Dr. M. Ruffert


Jonathan Aspden, Supervisor: Professor J. Vanneste


Bubacarr Bah, Supervisor: Professor J. Tanner.


Raffaele Basile, Supervisor: Professor J.Tanner


Philip Breen, Supervisor: Professor D. Heggie


Jiajia Cui, Supervisor: Dr. T. Mackay


Andrew Duncan, Supervisor: Dr. T. Mackay


Siti Suhana Jamaian, Supervisor:  Dr. T. Mackay


Sarah Khwaja, Supervisor: Dr. T. Mackay


Hatice Kursungecmez, Supervisor: Professor N. Smyth


John Michael MacNeil


Charles Matthews, Supervisor: Professor B. Leimkuhler


Giacomo Mazzi, Supervisor: Professor B. Leimkuhler


Stuart Murray, Supervisor:  Professor J. Vanneste


Karen Ogilvie, Supervisor: Dr A  Olde Daalhuis


Ben Skuse, Supervisor: Professor N. Smyth


Hari Sriskantha, Supervisor: Dr M. Ruffert


Jin-Han Xie, Supervisor: Professor J. Vanneste