School of Mathematics

Operational Research

The School of Mathematics offers a number of MSc Programmes in Operational Research, using mathematical techniques to tackle real-life decision problems.

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Why Operational Research?

Operational Research is the mathematical science of helping decision makers to find better solutions for complex planning problems.

Operational Research can take on real-life decision problems such as:

  • scheduling planes/crews and deciding seat prices
  • routing internet calls and allocating mobile phone frequencies
  • deriving feasible production plans and optimizing the storage and distribution of goods
  • managing a portfolio of shares and minimizing its risk
  • determining an optimal energy mix and transmission network
  • optimizing the design and operation of a supply chain
  • planning the operation of a hospital blood bank

You will enjoy an Operational Research MSc if you like solving practical quantitative problems and seeing the solutions implemented. By studying operational research you will develop a valuable combination of mathematical, modelling, analytical, computing, interpersonal and communication skills.

We are proud to offer four variants of the Operational Research MSc programme:

An Operational Research MSc provides an ideal background for a career in industry (e.g., consulting, banking, finance, logistics, energy, airline, telecom) and strong foundations for further studies and research. Our students come from diverse backgrounds such as mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, engineering, economics and other quantitative disciplines.

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