School of Mathematics


We have two full-time statistical consultants with close links to members of the Centre for Statistics and University of Edinburgh Statistics Group.

Dr Michael Allerhand

Photo of Mike Allerhand

Mike is a statistician with a background in statistical modelling, machine learning, statistical programming, and numerical analysis.  He has skills in data visualization, data reduction, feature engineering, statistical modelling, and machine learning for inference, prediction, and classification.

Mike is an expert R programmer with many years' experience applying these methods to a wide variety of data. He has substantial experience of consultancy, collaboration, and teaching, with excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to explain complicated technical material in simple terms.


Dr Gail Robertson

Photo of Gail Robertson

Gail is an applied statistician with a background in quantitative ecology and epidemiology. She has worked with various types of data including spatial data and time-series, and has extensive experience of analytical applications.

Gail is an experienced R-user and regularly uses the program to build models, create graphics and maps, and carry out multivariate analyses. She completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow in 2014 and has since worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and Epidemiology Research Group at the University of Edinburgh.