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Introduction to R

Dr Michael Allerhand and Dr Gail Robertson

A 3-day course for absolute beginners that aims to help people over its steep learning curve.  

The course is not simply a demonstration of things you can do with R. It is about getting the R "mindset", understanding the rules of R, how to read its help pages, and how read and write R code. It aims to give you a map to help you find your own way onward through the massive amount  of things R can now do.

The course will show how to use R for data manipulation, tables, graphics, hypothesis tests, regression models and ANOVA. Some experience with these statistical methods is assumed. The course is not oriented towards any particular methodology, nor any particular kind of data. Programming experience is not required. The words and concepts programmers use are explained from the very beginning.  

The course outcome will be a foundation for fluency in R programming, and an insight into the capabilities of the language  as a productivity tool for data manipulation and statistical analyses.

  • Day 1. Introduction to the R language and data manipulation.
  • Day 2. Tables and graphics.
  • Day 3. Introduction to hypothesis testing and linear modelling.



£450 for 3-day course.

Discount price of 3-day course:

  • £300 for external academic 
  • £150 for Edinburgh academic

Tea/coffee is provided. 


Date and location of next course

Monday-Wednesday, June 22nd - 24th, 2020