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Recent Publications

Recent publications by members of the Applied and Computational Mathematics group.

Below is a list of recent publications by member of the Applied & Computational Mathematics group.  Click on an (ACM) author's name to view their Research Explorer page and on the 'article' link to go to the publisher's site.   


  • Gaunt, R. E., Iyengar, S., Olde Daalhuis, A. & Simsek, B., An asymptotic expansion for the normalizing constant of the Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution, Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 71(1) 163-180, 2019 article
  • Trstanova, Z., Martinsson, A., Jimenez, S., Leimkuhler, B., Van Delft, T. & Wilkinson, M., Transferability of Operational Status Classification Models Among Different Wind Turbine Types, article
  • Martinsson, A., Lu, J., Leimkuhler, B. & Vanden-Eijnden, E., The simulated tempering method in the infinite switch limit with adaptive weight learning, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, to appear, 2019
  • Higham, D. & Tudisco, F., A nonlinear spectral method for core-periphery detection in networks, SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science1(2) 269-292, 2019 article
  • Kafiabad, H., Savva, M. & Vanneste, J., Diffusion of inertia-gravity waves by geostrophic turbulence, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, to appear, 2019
  • Tzella, A. & Vanneste, J., Chemical front propagation in periodic flows: FKPP vs G, Siam Journal on Applied Mathematics 79(1) 131-152, 2019 article
  • Ruffert, M., Todd, V. & Todd, I., Presentation of binning-based inter-click interval data from from passive acoustic monitoring of free-ranging harbour porpoises (Phocoena Phocoena)., International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, to appear, 2019
  • Iuorio, A., Popovic, N. & Szmolyan, P., Singular perturbation analysis of a regularized MEMS model, Siam Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems., to appear, 2019
  • Assanto, G., Panayotaros, P. & Smyth, N., Mechanical analogies for nonlinear light beams in nonlocal nematic liquid crystals, Journal of nonlinear optical physics & materials., to appear, 2019 article
  • Nicholson, M. & Antal, T., Competing evolutionary paths in growing populations with applications to multidrug resistance, PLoS Computational Biology., to appear, 2019 article
  • Mackay, T., Naheed, M. & Faryad, M., Electromagnetic surface waves guided by the planar interface of isotropic chiral materials, Journal of the Optical Society of America B. 36 F1-F8, 2019 article
  • Mackay, T., On the identification of surface waves in numerical studies, Plasmonics. 14(1) 1-2, 2019 article
  • Mackay, T. & Noonan, J., On electromagnetic surface waves supported by an isotropic chiral material, Optics Communications. 434 224-229, 2019 article


  • Nemes, G. & Olde Daalhuis, A., Asymptotic expansions for the incomplete gamma function in the transition regions, Mathematics of computation, to appear, 2018 article
  • Bennett, T., Howls, C. J., Nemes, G. & Olde Daalhuis, A., Globally exact asymptotics for integrals with arbitrary order saddles, SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 50(2) 2144-2177, 2018 article
  • Dunlop, M., Girolami, M., Stuart, A. M. & Teckentrup, A., How Deep Are Deep Gaussian Processes?, Journal of Machine Learning Research 19 1-46, 2018
  • Lie, H. C., Sullivan, T. & Teckentrup, A., Random forward models and log-likelihoods in Bayesian inverse problems, SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification 6(4) 1600–1629, 2018 article
  • Nold, A., MacDowell, L. G., Sibley, D. N., Goddard, B. & Kalliadasis, S., The vicinity of an equilibrium three-phase contact line using density functional theory: Density profiles normal to the fluid interface, Molecular Physics 116(17) 2239-2243, 2018 article
  • Bethune, I., Banisch, R., Breitmoser, E., Collis, A., Gibb, G., Gobbo, G., Matthews, C., Ackland, G. & Leimkuhler, B., MIST: A Simple and Efficient Molecular Dynamics Abstraction Library for Integrator Development, Computer Physics Communications, to appear, 2018
  • Fass, J., Sivak, D., Crooks, G., Beauchamp, K., Leimkuhler, B. & Chodera, J., Quantifying configuration-sampling error in Langevin simulations of complex molecular systems, Entropy 20(5), 2018 article
  • Leimkuhler, B., Matthews, C. & Weare, J., Ensemble preconditioning for Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation, Statistics and Computing 28(2) 277-290, 2018 article
  • Savva, M. & Vanneste, J., Scattering of internal tides by barotropic quasigeostrophic flows, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 856 504-530, 2018 article
  • Gilbert, A. D. & Vanneste, J., Geometric generalised Lagrangian mean theories, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 839 95-134, 2018 article
  • Mak, J., Maddison, J., Marshall, D. P. & Munday, D. R., Implementation of a geometrically informed and energetically constrained mesoscale eddy parameterization in an ocean circulation model, Journal of Physical Oceanography, to appear, 2018 article
  • de Ridder, S. & Maddison, J., Full Wavefield Inversion of Ambient Seismic Noise, Geophysical Journal International 215(2) 1215-1230, 2018 article
  • Creech, A., Jackson, W. & Maddison, J., Adapting and optimising Fluidity for high-fidelity coastal modelling, Computers and Fluids 168 46-53, 2018 article
  • Pearson, J., PDE‐constrained optimization models for scientific processes, PAMM 18(1), 2018 article
  • Herzog, R., Pearson, J. & Stoll, M., Fast iterative solvers for an optimal transport problem, Advances in Computational Mathematics, to appear, 2018 article
  • Pearson, J. & Gondzio, J., On Block Triangular Preconditioners for the Interior Point Solution of PDE Constrained Optimization Problems,article
  • Pearson, J. & Wathen, A., Matching Schur Complement Approximations for Certain Saddle-Point Systems, article
  • Güttel, S. & Pearson, J., A rational deferred correction approach to parabolic optimal control problems, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 38(4) 1861-1892, 2018 article
  • Pearson, J., Pestana, J. & Silvester, D. J., Refined saddle-point preconditioners for discretized Stokes problems, Numerische Mathematik 138(2) 331-363, 2018 article
  • Plesa, T., Zygalakis, K., Anderson, D. F. & Erban, R., Noise control for molecular computing, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15(144), 2018 article
  • Duncan, A., Diquigiovanni, J., Papastathopoulos, I., Zygalakis, K. & Campagnolo, G., Predicting FIFA World Cup 2018 key role and playing style features, , to appear, 2018
  • Bertozzi, A. L., Luo, X., Stuart, A. M. & Zygalakis, K., Uncertainty quantification in graph-based classification of high dimensional data, SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification 6(2) 568-595, 2018 article
  • Branicki, M., Majda, A. J. & Law, K. J. H., Accuracy of Some Approximate Gaussian Filters for the Navier--Stokes Equation in the Presence of Model Error, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation 16(4) 1756–1794, 2018 article
  • Todd, V., Jiang, J. & Ruffert, M., Potential audibility of three Acoustic Harassment Devices (AHDs) to marine mammals in Scotland, UK, International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, to appear, 2018
  • Veerman, F., Carsten, M. & Popovic, N., Time-dependent propagators for stochastic models of gene expression: an analytical method, Journal of Mathematical Biology. 77(2) 261-312, 2018 article
  • Hoefer, M. A., Smyth, N. & Sprenger, P., Modulation theory solution for nonlinearly resonant, fifth order Korteweg-de Vries, non-classical, traveling dispersive shock waves, Studies in Applied Mathematics., to appear, 2018 article
  • Louis, S. A., Marchant, T. R. & Smyth, N., 2-D solitary waves in thermal media with non-symmetric boundary conditions, Studies in Applied Mathematics., to appear, 2018
  • Laudyn, U. A., Kwasny, M., Karpierz, M. A., Smyth, N. & Assanto, G., Accelerated optical solitons in reorientational media with transverse invariance and longitudinally modulated birefringence, Physical review a. 98 023810, 2018 article
  • An, X., Marchant, T. R. & Smyth, N., Dispersive shock waves governed by the Whitham equation and their stability, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences. 474(2216) 20180278, 2018 article
  • Grimshaw, R. H., Smyth, N. & Stepanyants, Y. A., Decay of Benjamin-Ono solitons under the influence of dissipation, Wave Motion. 78 98--115, 2018 article
  • El, G. A., Nguyen, L. T. K. & Smyth, N., Dispersive shock waves in systems with nonlocal dispersion of Benjamin-Ono type, Nonlinearity. 31(4) 1392-1416, 2018
  • Cheek, D. & Antal, T., Mutation frequencies in a birth–death branching process, Annals of Applied Probability. 28(6) 3922–3947, 2018 article
  • Mackay, T. & Lakhtakia, A., Simultaneous existence of amplified and attenuated surface-plasmon-polariton waves, Journal of Optics. 47(4) 527-533, 2018 article
  • Mackay, T. & Lakhtakia, A., Simultaneous existence of amplified and attenuated Dyakonov surface waves, Optics Communications. 427 175-179, 2018 article
  • Mackay, T. & Lakhtakia, A., Circular Bragg supermirror, Journal of nanophotonics. 12(2), 2018 article
  • Mackay, T., Vepachedu, V. & Lakhtakia, A., Bragg supermirror with polarization-dependent amplification of reflected light, Optics Communications. 425 58-63, 2018 article