School of Mathematics

Martin Dindos

The University of Edinburgh The School of Mathematics Room: 4619 James Clerk Maxwell Building, The King's Buildings, Peter Guthrie Tait Road Edinburgh EH9 3FD Scotland
Tel: Work 0131 650 6758

Research Interests

My interests are partial differential equations and harmonic analysis. I'm interested in existence/solvability of various semilinear and linear PDEs with rough coefficients on C^1, Lipszchitz and fractal domains.

Research Groups

Recent Conference and Workshop Involvement

Organization: AMS Special Session in Honor of 60th birthday of Prof. Michael Taylor in Charlotte NC, USA 2007

Invitation to: Spring Southeastern Sectional meeting “Harmonic analysis & PDE”, USA 2008

Seminar, University of Virginia (USA 2008)

Previous Employment

Clay Mathematics Institute, Cambridge MA, Liftoff Fellow, summer 2001 Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, Assistant Professor, 2001-2004 Department of Mathematics, Brown University, Assistant Professor, 2004-2005


Ph.D University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC (USA) (2001)

Ph.D Comenius University Bratislava (Slovakia) (2000)