School of Mathematics


People and role holders at the School of Mathematics.

Cross-School Roles

Head of School Bernd Schroers
Director of Professional Services Chris Jowett
Directors of EDI 

Charlotte Desvages

Grace Sansom

Director of Employability Kostas Zygalakis
Director of Graduate School Martin Dindos
Director of Information Technology Chris Sangwin
Director of Internationalisation Michal Branicki
Director of Knowledge Exchange Sotirios Sabanis
Director of Quality Nikola Popovic
Director of Research Ruth King

Director of Space

Geoff Vasil
Director of Time John Pearson
Director of Sustainability David Jordan
Director of Teaching Stuart King
Computing Manager Steven Law
Dignity and Respect Officer Arend Bayer
Graduate School Manager Katy Cameron
School Operations Manager Jill Douglas
Head of Student Services                                                                 Alice Heatley

Key Theme Roles

Head of Analysis & Probability Jim Wright
Head of Applied & Computational Mathematics Jacques Vanneste
Head of Data & Decisions Miguel Anjos
Head of Structure & Symmetry Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill
Head of Technology Enhanced Mathematical Sciences Education Chris Sangwin