School of Mathematics

David Marsh

Computing Officer
The University of Edinburgh The School of Mathematics Room: 6320 James Clerk Maxwell Building, The King's Buildings, Peter Guthrie Tait Road Edinburgh EH9 3FD Scotland
Tel: Work 0131 650 5111

Tel: Work 0131 650 5100 Web:

Key Responsibilities

  • Web development
  • Systems administration
  • 2nd-level IT support
  • School of Mathematics Active Travel Coordinator

For IT support, please always contact the Maths IT Helpdesk (or followup your existing UniDesk support request as appropriate).

To help us to help you, please remember to give us the full details of the computer, OS, software, etc, that your query relates to.

  • The Computing Officer on 1st-level Helpdesk duty will follow up your support request, or pass it on to the appropriate person to assist.
  • Please note that nowadays I am more usually working on resolving more complicated support or project requests which are transferred for 2nd-level support, and no longer on triaging and prioritising incoming 1st line requests as they arrive.
  • Please do not contact me via my personal email address about support requests (unless you have been previously requested to do so) as I will be busy working on other projects at other times (possibly responding to more complicated 2nd-level requests), and will not respond. (There is also the risk that I may be away on holiday, etc, and your email would remain unseen until I return!)
Active Travel

If you are thinking about cycling to work, or walking to work if you live nearby (or if you would like to know good places to go to cycle or walk for leisure), and for information about public transport options, please visit the King's Buildings Active Travel wiki for information and useful links. If you would like any further specific advice, please feel free to ask.


PgDip Environmental Studies University of Strathclyde (1997)

BSc (Hons) Computer Science University of Strathclyde (1994)