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Prof. Minhyong Kim

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  • Whittaker Chair

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Research Interests

Minhyong Kim works primarily on arithmetic geometry, the study of spaces built out of absolutely finitely-generated rings. His main contribution to mathematics is the discovery of the 'non-abelian method of Chabauty', a (conjectural) theoretical framework for algorithmically resolving Diophantine equations in two variables using the tools of arithmetic homotopy theory. He is also interested in mathematical physics, especially topological quantum field theory.

Current and Recent PhD Students


Yan Yau Cheng (University of Edinburgh), Benjamin Moore (University of Warwick), Jay Swar (University of Oxford)


Jamie Beacom (University of Oxford, 2019), Luke Alexander Betts (University of Oxford, 2018), Navin Dasigi (University College London, 2012), Minette D'Lima (University College London, 2011), Netan Dogra (University of Oxford, 2015), Nadav Gropper (University of Oxford, 2023, expected, joint with Konstantin Ardakov), James Haydon (University of Oxford, 2014), Noam Kantor (University of Oxford, 2020) Kwang-Seob Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2014), Junghwan Lim (University of Oxford, 2018), Jan Vonk (University of Oxford,2015, joint with Alan Lauder), Wenzhe Yang (University of Oxford, 2018, joint with Philip Candelas)

Biographical Statement

Minhyong Kim is currently the Director of the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and Edmund Whittaker Professor of Mathematical Sciences. He received his bachelor's degree at Seoul National University and his Ph.D. at Yale University before moving on to faculty positions at numerous universities on three continents, including M.I.T., Columbia University, The Korea Institute for Advanced Study, and the University of Oxford, where he was Research Professor of Number Theory and head of the number theory research group. Most recently before moving to Edinburgh, he was the Christopher Zeeman Professor of Algebra, Geometry, and the Public Understanding of Mathematics at the University of Warwick. He has held visiting professorships at numerous institutions including the University of Paris, University of Kyoto, Seoul National University, and the University of Toronto.

Minhyong Kim has worked extensively on public engagement since 2010, presenting mathematics to schools, teacher development programmes, corporate training programmes, educational broadcasting, and the general public. He has published nine books on mathematics for non-specialists.

Professional Activities

External Advisory Member, Institute for Mathematical Innovation, University of Bath (2022–)

Evaluation Committee, Mathematical Institute, University of Zurich (May, 2022)

Assessment Committee, Dutch Research Council, Open Competition-XL programme 2021/2022

Ho-Am Prize Selection Committee (2021-2022)

Hirst Prize Selection Committee, London Mathematical Society (2022-)

Michael Atiyah Fellowship Committee, London Mathematical Society (2021–)

Scientific Steering Committee, Isaac Newton Institute (2021–)

Member of Selection Panel, Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship (2022-)

Member of Council, London Mathematical Society (2021–)

Member of selection and evaluation committee, Institute for Basic Science, South Korea, (2021– )

Member of selection committee, Leonard Eisenbud prize in mathematics and physics, American Mathematical Society (2019-2022)

Editor-in-chief, Monographs in Mathematics, Springer-Nature (2014–)

Education Background

Department of Mathematics, Seoul National University, B.S. in Mathematics (1985)

Department of Mathematics, Yale University, Ph.D. in Mathematics (1990)

Previous Employment

Christopher Zeeman Professor of Algebra, Geometry, and Public Understanding of Mathematics, University of Warwick (2020–2023)

Research Professor of Number Theory and Fellow of Merton College, University of Oxford (2011–2020)

Distinguished Professor, Korea Institute for Advanced Study (2016–)

Distinguished Professor, Ewha Womans University (2015–2016)

Yun San Chair Professor, Pohang University of Science and Technology (2010–2012, fall terms)

Professor of Pure Mathematics, University College London (2007– 2011)

Professor, Purdue University (2005–2007)

Professor, Korea Institute for Advanced Study (2001–2002)

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor, University of Arizona (1995–2005)

Assistant Professor, Columbia University (1993–1995)

C. L. E. Moore Instructor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1990–1993)