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Mr. Jamie Burke

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  • Postgraduate Student

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Research Interests

Main research topics of interest include:

- Image processing;

- Ophthalmological image analysis;

- Machine learning and deep learning;

- Bayesian statistics and modelling.

Current research centres on the development of novel image processing tools and machine learning techniques for optical coherence tomography (OCT) image analysis. At present, two image processing tools have been built for general-purpose region and blob segmentation, with applications to choroidal analysis in OCT image data. Future work aims at extending these techniques for more arbitrary image segmentation problems and also applying them to novel medical image datasets. Broader perspective on the application to novel medical image datasets involve investigating the utility of automated analysis for novel ocular imaging biomarkers in retinal and choroidal imaging. Consequently, my research seeks biomarkers for non-ocular disease progression and will be focussed on clinical settings that do not just deal with ocular disease.

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Biographical Statement

Studied mathematics as an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh (2015-2019) before starting a PhD in September 2019 in the MRC Precision Medicine DTP researching image processing and machine learning with specific application to retinal and choroidal imaging using Optical Coherence Tomography image data.

Jamie is now a third year student currently applying novel image processing tools to ophthalmological image datasets in search for ocular imaging biomarkers of non-ocular disease.

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Dr Stuart King, Professor Kenneth Baillie, Dr Ian MacCormick


BSc (Hons) Mathematics The University of Edinburgh (2019)