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Sergio García Quiles

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  • Lecturer

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Research Interests

My topics of interest are discrete facility location, vehicle routing problems, clustering problems and network design problems. In general, I am interested in combinatorial optimization problems that involve linear (or nonlinear) mathematical programming models and which require the design of efficient exact algorithms. Techniques I am familiar with are pre-processing, development of tighter formulations through valid inequalities, branch-and-cut algorithms and column-and-row generation for reduced formulations.

Research Groups

Current and Recent PhD Students

* Minerva Martín del Campo Barraza, January 2017 - .

* Ivona Gjeroska, September 2018 - .

Graduated PhD students:

* Xavier Cabezas, February 2018.

* Lukas Schäfer, June 2018.

Professional Activities

Education Background

* BS in Mathematics, University of Murcia, 2001.

* PhD in Mathematics, University of Murcia, 2006.

Previous Employment

* University Carlos III (Spain), 2006-2012.

* University of Kent, 2012-2013.