School of Mathematics

Schools Outreach

Are you a school teacher looking to provide additional mathematics activities for your pupils? We offer a range of free resources, workshops and events designed to stimulate and inspire school pupils of all ages.

The School of Mathematics offers a range of activities and resources for schools in and around Edinburgh. Please do get in touch if you would like more information, or if you would like to make use of our free resources or organise an event with us.

FunMaths Roadshow

Edinburgh is a hub for the FunMaths Roadshow, which is a collection of 350 mathematical activities that can be lent to local schools to help support mathematics teaching. There are different activities for different age groups, and the resources can be used flexibly in a variety of contexts.

Maths Circles

If you have heard about our Maths Circle and would like to run one within your school, we are very happy to lend our resources and to provide training for teachers.  Please, check this page and contact us if you are interested.

Have Fun with Maths: a problem-solving workshop

This is a collection of resources, aimed at developing mathematical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as showing the creative and fun side of mathematics. The resources focus on strategy games and some applications of Maths to transport networks. They include some explanatory videos, a range of puzzles targeting different abilities, and tips and advice for teachers who want to use them in the classroom. Click on the link below to see the resources. 

Have Fun with Maths

Videos promoting the applicability of Mathematics

Following the link below you can find a series of videos we have recently produced.

Maths Week at Work: a series of videos promoting Mathematics

Five Maths graduates working in different sectors explain how they use Maths in their job. Then they challenge the audience with a puzzle related to their job. A solution to each of the puzzles is also presented.

Maths Inspiration

In June 2019, Maths Inspiration, one of the most successful Maths enrichment programs in the UK, came to Scotland. Some of the best maths communicators in the country are coming to Edinburgh to inspire our S3 and S4 students, and to show them the creativity of Mathematics and its applicability to our everyday life. Further details can be found here.

Mathematics Masterclasses

In collaboration with Heriot Watt and Napier universities, we run a series of masterclasses for S2 pupils in the Edinburgh and Lothians regions. These super-curricular masterclasses take place on Saturday mornings in the autumn term and, over the course of 8 weeks, cover a wide range of fun, interesting and challenging mathematics topics.  Visit our masterclasses webpage for more information, and contact us if you have any queries. Equally, if your school has missed out the masterclasses series and would like a one-off masterclass, please get in touch.

Workshops and Careers Talks

Our outreach staff have experience in running workshops for a range of age groups and in a range of subjects, from cryptography to 4-dimensional geometry, and from knot theory to the maths of networks and connections.  We have many students on the Maths Outreach Team who love to talk about their experiences of university mathematics and their favourite topics that they have encountered so far.

Hands-on Resources

In collaboration with SCI-FUN (The Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow) the School of Mathematics aims to build up a collection of inspiring and challenging exhibits to reflect the current research problems that mathematicians are working on; this could be anything from one-sided surfaces to kaleidoscopes, from hairy doughnuts to bridge-building kits. Many of these resources are used in the workshops we deliver, but can also be used outside of a workshop environment.

Visits to the University

We are occasionally able to host tailor-made visits to the School of Mathematics or the University's central campus. Such a visit could include a workshop, a careers talk, a sample lecture or a tour of the building or campus. We might be even able to provide guided mathematical walking tours of the city. Please do get in touch if you are interested, but rememeber that such an event will need to be organised well in advance.