School of Mathematics

Online Resources

This page contains a collection of resources and videos which we have produced over the past few years. All resources can be downloaded and used by schools or individuals.

Have Fun with Maths: resources for P5-S3 students

This is a collection of resources, aimed at developing mathematical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as showing the creative and fun side of mathematics. The resources focus on strategy games and some applications of Maths to transport networks. They include some explanatory videos, a range of puzzles, and tips and advice for teachers who want to use them in the classroom. 

The resources can be found here.

Maths in Action (workshop for P6-P7)

A group of four final year maths students at the University of Edinburgh have created a free online maths workshop aimed at children aged 10-12. The workshop aims to make maths fun and engaging for the children and demonstrates how maths can be used in many aspects of life. The workshop is focused on planning a holiday, where the children need to earn money by completing mathematical tasks and then using this to budget for their trip. The workshop and all resources can be found on the following page:

We reccommend that teachers have a look at the resources and watch the videos before using them in the classroom.

Maths Week at Work: videos about careers in Maths (for S1-S5 students)

Five Maths graduates working in different sectors explain how they use Maths in their job. Then they challenge the audience with a puzzle related to their job. A solution to each of the puzzles is also presented.

The videos were initially produced to be used by secondary school teachers during Maths Week. 

Check this page for further details, and to watch the videos.

In May 2019 we have contributed to the Dundee Science Centre Home Learning program, with some activities focused on "Maths in the Kitchen". Click here to take a journey into the world of shapes and symmetries, and explore why our pies and pizzas are round. Suitable for 6+.


Trigonometry videos for Nat 5 students

In 2020 one of our students produced a series of videos aimed at National 5 students with the aim of recapping the basics and applications of Trigonometry. All the videos can be found on this youtube channel.