School of Mathematics

Maths Week Scotland

Maths Week Scotland is a Scottish government initiative, aimed at showing the beauty and creativity of Mathematics all around the country. Every year we take part in this nationwide initiative through a variety of exciting events and activities aimed at people from any age or background.

In 2022 Maths Week Scotland was celebrated between the 26th September and the 2nd October. We contributed to the initiative through a wide range of events, both online and in person, to suit people from any age, background or geographical location. Below you can find our program, which included exhibits, Maths Clubs for children and family, and development workshops for teachers and educators. 

Live events for teachers and educators 

Maths Circles and Open Ended problems (online workshops for primary and secondary teachers and educators) 

During these online workshops aimed at primary and secondary teachers and educators, we gave a brief introduction to our Maths Circles and then explored some of the resources we use. Over 100 teachers joined to dicuss how such resources can be used in the classroom and can spark curiosity and help children develop their mathematical thinking.  

Celebrate Mathematics with the University of Edinburgh (workshop for all teachers and educators)

This evening in-person workshop celebrated the beauty and breadth of Mathematics. We provided a variety of stimulating mathematical activities and presented the resources the University of Edinburgh can offer to schools and communities. Staff members presented their research and participants had a chance to celebrate the creative and fun side of Mathematics. 

Live events for adults and for families 

child enjoying maths week Scotland event

Geometry, Art and Mind- National Museum of Scotland 

This small exhibit brought the creativity and precision of mathematics to the general public, using computer-aided design, recent innovations in 3D printing, and bright lights! Over 500 people visited over two days as we explored the crossover between geometry and art, including the idea of dimension, projections, polygon, and tiling, as well as mind-blowing optical illusions and how our brain may have a distorted perception of the objects around us.  

Online Maths Circle (for children aged 7 to 14 and their family) 

Even though our in-person events are back, we have not forgotten those who live far away from Edinburgh, or those who are not able or prefer not to attend in-person events. Our online Maths Circles are a one hour long live workshop where children can join University of Edinburgh staff and students as we approach together a selection of stimulating and fun mathematical activities.  

It makes maths seem like something that you can do for fun.

Maths Circle participant

Edinburgh Maths Circle- James Clerk Maxwell Building 

For the first time after 2020, the Edinburgh Maths Circle ran again as an in-person event with over 300 participants. This is a free drop-in session where children aged 5-16 and their family can have a go at puzzles and stimulating mathematical activities.  

Great to be back. Lovely helpers. Fun maths puzzles. Really enjoyed the exhibition too.

Maths Circle participant


Online resources for teachers, educators or family

In addition to our live events, we can offer a range of online resources for teachers to download and use. Please see below for further details.