School of Mathematics


Here are some resources on the web which may be of interest to those interested in mathematics, public engagement or events in Edinburgh.


Millennium Mathematics Project - A public engagement initiative based at the University of Cambridge.  They oversee Nrich and Plus (see below) as well as running a schools roadshow, organising public lectures and supporting the teaching of Further Maths at A-Level.

Nrich - A resource for pupils and teachers that provides interesting problems, articles, lesson suggestions and much much more.

Plus magazine - An online mathematics magazine with all the latest on current maths stories, interesting in-depth articles, careers advice, a podcast, book reviews and maths puzzles.

Maths Careers - Articles about where a maths degree can take you, from research to rollercoasters and finance to footballs.

Maths Inspiration - Mathematics shows bringing you Britain's most talented and exciting maths communicators.

Maths busking - The new phenomenon sweeping Britain!  Listen out for news of training days and busking events in Edinburgh.

MathsJam - Informal gatherings of maths enthusiasts on the second-to-last Tuesday of each month. The Edinburgh MathsJam happens in Spoon Café Bistro on Nicholson Street.


Edinburgh International Science Festival - Yearly festival (in April) which brings two weeks of amazing science to the streets and buildings of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Beltane Public Engagement Network. Has lots of public engagement resources, case studies and training events to support engagement with science.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh - A charity created in 1783 to promote science and research.  They hold regular public lectures which are always worth attending.

National Museum of Scotland, Science and Technology Galleries - Two floors of science exhibits and daily science shows which are fun for all the family.

ASCUS - The newly formed Art-Science Collaborative, which aims to foster connections between artists and scientists in Scotland. (If you are an artist and would like to collaborate with a mathematician, get in touch with us!)