School of Mathematics

Digital Resources

We are producing some digital resources or videos to be used by schools or individuals. They will all be posted on this page as soon as they become available.


Following the link below you can find a series of videos we have produced for Maths Week 2018.

Maths Week at Work: a series of videos promoting Mathematics

Five Maths graduates working in different sectors explain how they use Maths in their job. Then they challenge the audience with a puzzle related to their job. A solution to each of the puzzles is also presented.

The videos were initially produced to be used by secondary school teachers during Maths Week Scotland. However, they can also be used by individuals, and they can be used at any time of the year. No much knowledge is required, just curiosity. 

Online mudule: Statistics: Unloclking the World of Data

The School of Mathematics has produced an introductory online module on Statistics. The coarse explores the ideas and methodes behind the statistics we encounter in everyday life. No previous knowledge is required.

Visit the following page to have a look at the 2018 edition. Enrollment is free of charge.

Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data- 2018 Edition

A new edition of the module will run live in the period January-March 2019.