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Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Energy System Decarbonization - Workshop Insights

The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) in Edinburgh hosted a workshop exploring the role artificial intelligence (AI) could play in helping manage low-emission energy systems. This workshop took place as part of the ICMS Knowledge Exchange Catalyst scheme, supporting Chris Dent of the University of Edinburgh's School of Mathematics to work with G-PST. Travel for some of U.S. participants was supported by the U.K. Government's Science and Innovation Network, as a means of enabling strong U.S. participation.

System operator staff from across seven countries joined the workshop, as well as contractors, national laboratories, and university researchers, all with a goal of scoping artificial intelligence solutions to questions laid out in G-PST's Research Agenda. The workshop adopted a broad view of AI to focus on finding practical solutions for industry challenges while remaining open to new technologies. Proposals for future G-PST research were outlined in four areas: integrated resource planning, network topology optimization, forecasting for operations, and managing high levels of inverter-based resources. The first two areas were identified as opportunities for new G-PST projects, and the outcomes will inform the upcoming G-PST Research Agenda workshop in June.

The workshop organizers will reach out to system operators to explore their interests in these areas and share more detailed plans for projects and international collaborations. For specific information, please contact Chris Dent at

Image caption: Workshop participants representing system operators, contractors, national laboratories, and university researchers.

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