School of Mathematics

Outreach - Teacher Event and Maths Circle

On the 14th of December 2019 Francesca Iezzi, along with Benjamin Goddard and Zoe Wyatt, ran a teacher workshop and an accompanying Maths Circle.

The workshop, titled: Learn how to run a Maths Circle, had Francesca and company showing teachers how they might go about hosting a math Circle in their own School or in their local communities. This involved showing them the resources that are available to them and providing training and support, both on the day and going forward.

This was followed by a Math Circle event which the teachers were invited to attend in order to get a feel for how they may operate in practice. Each Maths Circle is designed to provide children aged 5 to 16, and their families, fun and stimulating hands-on mathematics.

Each event was well received with over 30 teachers attending the workshop and more than 170 individuals attending the subsequent Maths Circle. Feedback for both was extremely positive.

Students from the Math's Outreach Team were on hand throughout the day to guide visitors throughout the event.

More details concerning the Maths Circle can be found here: