School of Mathematics

Programme Grant awarded

Congratulations to Jacques Vanneste who is part of the successful team led by the University of Birmingham who have been awarded an EPSRC programme grant.

The grant entitled 'Probing Multiscale Complex Multiphase Flows with Positrons for Engineering and Biomedical Applications' also involves academics at Kings College.

The Programme will harness the synergy between several disciplines across world-leading centres to develop the next generation of unique PEPT diagnostic tools for multiscale complex multiphase particle-fluid flows, and to exploit these for the experimental and numerical study of outstanding engineering and physiological problems for industrial and clinical applications. These problems, spanning a wide range of scales, can only be tackled by this unique combination of new tools and are central to numerous processing, manufacturing and healthcare technologies. The research will lead to the development of the theoretical foundations of multiscale complex multiphase particle-liquid flows, capturing the missing physics of the phenomena uncovered by our new measurements. For the first time, a novel medical PEPT will bedeveloped that can be taken to point of care.