School of Mathematics

Success for PhD student in numerical analysis prize

We wish to congratulate PhD student Martin TakáÄ for winning second prize in the IMA Leslie Fox prize in numerical analysis. This is a biennial prize established in 1985 by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) in honour of mathematician Leslie Fox (1918-1992). The prize honours "young numerical analysts worldwide" (any person who is less than 31 years old), and applicants submit papers for review. A committee reviews the papers, invites shortlisted candidates to give lectures at the Leslie Fox Prize meeting, and then awards First Prize and Second Prizes based on "mathematical and algorithmic brilliance in tandem with presentational skills".

In 2013 this meeting was held at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh on 24 June. Martin's winning paper (coauthored with Peter Richtárik) can be found at, and the slides of his fantastic talk may be seen at

Well done Martin!