School of Mathematics

Napier Medal and G.B. Gadgil Prize

On 14th October 2011, the School was delighted to be able to host four members of the Gadgil family; Mr. B.B. Gadgil, Mr. Anand Gadgil, Dr. Nitin Telang and Dr. Sandeep Gadgil.

They were given a tour of the School and a lunch, attended by members of the School including two former prize-winners.

In 1921, Captain B.B. Gadgil (Indian Medical Service) endowed a prize in the memory of his brother, Mr. Gangadhar Balwant Gadgil, who died in Edinburgh in 1914, having almost completed his studies for the Honours M.A. degree in Mathematics.  The prize is awarded annually in conjunction with the Napier Medal to the best student or students in the Honours Mathematics degree programme.

The accompanying photograph shows, from left to right, Mr. B.B. Gadgil, son of the benefactor, Professor Harry Braden, Head of the School of Mathematics and Dr. Sandeep Gadgil, great-nephew of Mr. B.B. Gadgil.