School of Mathematics

Jan Sbierski awarded Royal Society University Research Fellowship

Jan Sbierski has been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship (URF) on "The strong cosmic censorship conjecture and weak null singularities". Jan is one of 37 newly appointed research fellows - spanning the physical, mathematical, chemical and biological sciences - and will join the School of Maths (University of Edinburgh) in October.

Dame Linda Partridge, Biological Secretary and Vice President of the Royal Society said, "The URF scheme honours high calibre early career scientists throughout the UK and Ireland. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the research community, and so it is essential that long-term, flexible funding schemes like this are in place to continue to support the careers of researchers pursuing novel and ground-breaking research.

"The scheme is central to the Society's commitment to fostering excellence in science by supporting early career researchers who are fundamental to the future of global science. It is gratifying to see the URF scheme expand this year to support the biomedical sciences, a discipline that was vital in the response to the pandemic. This will ensure we continue to support a wide breadth of science through the scheme."

The University Research Fellowship scheme was established to identify outstanding early career scientists who have the potential to become leaders in their fields and provide them with the opportunity to build an independent research career. After completion, many alumni are offered tenure positions, and receive national or international recognition for their work.

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