School of Mathematics

Olivier Fercoq and John Pearson win the 17th IMA Fox Prize in Numerical Analysis

Two former members of the School, Olivier Fercoq and John Pearson each won a 2nd prize at the 17th IMA Fox Prize in Numerical Analysis:

The decision was announced yesterday. Two 1st and four 2nd prizes were awarded this year - both Olivier and John won the 2nd Prize.

Olivier Fercoq – a former postdoc in the School (until July 2014) and now an Assistant Professor at Telecom ParisTech – won with his paper 'Accelerated, parallel and proximal coordinate descent', co-authored with P. Richtarik.

John Pearson - a former Whittaker Fellow in the School of Mathematics (until April 2015) and now a Lecturer at the University of Kent - won with his paper 'Fast iterative solvers for reaction-diffusion control models of chemical and biological processes’.


"The Leslie Fox Prize for Numerical Analysis of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is a biennial prize established in 1985 by the IMA in honour of mathematician Leslie Fox (1918-1992). The prize honours "young numerical analysts worldwide" (any person who is less than 31 years old), and applicants submit papers for review. A committee reviews the papers, invites shortlisted candidates to give lectures at the Leslie Fox Prize meeting, and then awards First Prize and Second Prizes based on "mathematical and algorithmic brilliance in tandem with presentational skills"