School of Mathematics

Success in summer vacation scholarships

The School of Mathematics wishes to congratulate the 32 undergraduate students who succeeded in winning summer vacation scholarships this year. This is a huge increase over the numbers in previous years: 19 in 2013/14, 12 in 2012/13 and 10 in 2011/12. We look forward to welcoming these students to the School for between 6-10 weeks each to carry out research projects and get a real taste of life as professional mathematicians.

As part of the 32 awards, 3 of our students won prestigious EPSRC vacation bursaries, 3 won bursaries from the London Mathematical Society (out of 21 awarded nationally; the second-highest of any UK institution), and 5 students received awards from the University of Edinburgh's College of Science and Engineering.

The projects cover a wide variety of topics: from black holes to dark matter; from financial engineering to image processing, from gene expression to molecular dynamics, and from Fermat's Last Theorem to the topology of Scottish ceilidh dances.

We wish our students and their supervisors an enjoyable and interesting summer!