School of Mathematics

MSc dissertation model from Edinburgh showcased at The American Statistician

The American Statistician has published an article about the dissertation model from the MSc in Statistics with Data Science (SwDS), from the School of Mathematics.

The dissertations' model from the MSc in SwDS is based on real-world data problems, in joint supervision with industrial and academic partners, and aim to get all students in the cohort together to develop consultancy skills and best practices as well to promote their statistical leadership.

Many academic staff from the Statistics Group have been contributing to shape this new dissertation model since 2016-2017. The article published by The American Statistician is authored by the following colleagues from the School of Mathematics:

- Serveh Sharifi Far, Vanda InĂ¡cio, Daniel Paulin, Miguel de Carvalho, Nicole Augustin, Mike Allerhand, Gail Robertson.

The article is available from here, a preprint version can be found here.

The American Statistician journal is published by the American Statistical Association, and it ranks #1 in terms of impact factor in 2021.