School of Mathematics

New BSc in Mathematics and Biology

The School of Mathematics is launching a new BSc degree in Mathematics and Biology for entry from 2015.

There is an increasing demand in biology-related sciences and industry for quantitative analysis and hence for mathematicians who are also well trained in biology. Students with such qualifications are needed in biotech industries, pharmaceutical industry, conservation, environmental consultancy, media, healthcare, or education. Biology has not only been the fastest growing discipline for decades, but is also going through a transition to become an increasingly quantitative science. Quantitative sciences need mathematicians. To work successfully on mathematical questions in biology, however, one needs to master both disciplines. This degree programme provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work as mathematicians who are also trained in some aspects of biology.

There are many subjects in biology where mathematics is needed and has made significant contributions. These include genetics, evolutionary biology, systems biology, ecology, molecular biology, infectious diseases, and the mathematical methods used are even more diverse ranging over differential equations, statistics, probability and stochastic processes, graph theory, group theory, and numerical methods to mention just a few.