School of Mathematics

Path to success

Three of our Year 4 undergraduate students, Maddie Bailey, Paul Horrocks and Greg Tyler, have been busy creating a valuable course-selection web-based tool for existing and prospective students. Path was launched recently - 600 unique users to date (students and staff) have been delighted with this user-friendly personalized innovation, which includes links to the University Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study. The development of Path has been supported by the University Information Services, a University Innovation Initiative grant, the University of Edinburgh Students Association (EUSA) and the School of Mathematics. This morning, Paul and Greg gave a well-received presentation to staff representatives involved in developing aspects of Learning and Teaching, and Information Services. The School of Mathematics was represented by Fiona Curle, Andrew Ranicki and Michael Singer. Discussions are ongoing about the potential of Path to be rolled-out to other University disciplines to help students choose their pathway to success. Prospective students can access Path with an EASE Friend account, which may be generated via :