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Agata Smoktunowicz appointed as Emmy Noether Professor for 2011 at the University of Gottingen

In honour of the great mathematician Emmy Noether the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Göttingen has created a visiting professorship named after the scientist, who studied, taught und researched in Göttingen from 1915 until 1933. Once a year the faculty awards the Emmy Noether professorship to an outstandig female mathematician who will visit Göttingen for 3 to 4 weeks to present a current field of research in talks and seminars.

Congratulations to Agata Smoktunowicz who has been appointed as Emmy Noether Professor for 2011. Agata will be the tenth Emmy-Noether professor. She will visite Göttingen from June 6 until June 17, 2011 and will give a number of lectures. For more information see: