School of Mathematics

Head of School Announcement

We extend a very warm welcome to Bernd Schroers who officially joins us today as Head of School. We look forward to working together over the coming years to continue the development of the School and build on our existing strengths.

"I am excited about my first day in the School of Mathematics, and very grateful to the many people in the School who, over the past months, have helped me build up some understanding of how everything works. I hope to fill remaining gaps in the weeks ahead, and look forward to meeting all staff members personally soon. My office is JCMB 5315 - please feel free to drop by any time, or send an email to <> to arrange a meeting!" Bernd Schroers

As we welcome Bernd, we also say goodbye and good luck to our outgoing Head of School, Iain Gordon, who goes on to be the new Head of College of Science and Engineering for the University. The School thanks Iain for his excellent leadership over the last 8 years - we are sure that no-one envisaged what would happen in that time - and we wish him all the best in his new role.