School of Mathematics

Milena Hering awarded EPSRC Early Career Fellowship

Milena Hering has been awarded an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship worth over £1million. The grant entitled "Toric vector bundles: Stability, Cohomology and Applications" will study vector bundles on a class of varieties called toric varieties. While these varieties are very special, they exhibit additional combinatorial structure, that allows their study with a completely new set of tools. They have been a success story serving as examples for conjectures and to develop new theories. Toric varieties carry a special class of vector bundles called toric vector bundles that can be used to study properties of general vector bundles on toric varieties. These toric vector bundles have descriptions in terms of combinatorics and linear algebra, and this proposal will build further bridges between these fields by relating questions originating in algebraic geometry to questions in combinatorics and linear algebra. This will open the door to new cross-fertilization between these fields, by giving access to a much larger toolset and by introducing new research questions to both fields.