School of Mathematics

James Lucietti awarded a Leverhulme research project grant

James Lucietti has been awarded a Leverhulme research project grant worth over £200,000. The grant is entitled 'Supersymmetry, Integrability and the Moduli Space of Black Holes'. General Relativity predicts that black holes in equilibrium are characterised by only a few external parameters, a result known as the no-hair theorem. The study of black holes in higher-dimensions has received much attention due to its relevance in modern high-energy physics. Interestingly, the no-hair theorem does not extend to black holes in higher-dimensional spacetimes and despite much work in this area, basic questions remain: What are their possible topologies and symmetries? What parameters are they characterised by? This project aims to solve these problems in physically relevant, yet mathematically tractable cases, by employing techniques from supersymmetry and integrability theory.