School of Mathematics

Undergraduate Prizes 2016-17

One of the most pleasurable tasks of the Board of Examiners of the School of Mathematics is the award of prizes to those undergraduate students who have distinguished themselves by their academic performance. The following prizes were awarded in 2016/17

Horsburgh Prize

  • Marc Jarc (EM1a)
  • Callum Kingstree (EM1b)
  • Isambard Goodbody (EM1a and EM1b)

Kelland Memorial Prize

  • Daniel Eriksson
  • Xiaohui Qui

Harrison Bursary

  • Bethany Gooding
  • Claire Grant (2nd year)
  • Charis McWhirter (2nd year)

William & Isabella Dick 2nd Year Prize

  • Patrick Kinnear

James Ward Prize

  • Zhitao Wang
  • Bi Qing Teng

Arthur Erdélyi Prize

  • Mateusz Mroczka
  • Jonas Wolter
  • Kristiyan Kirilov

Dr Nigel Suess Prize

  • Jonas Wolter

William and Isabella Dick Prize

  • Imogen Morris (Best 4th Year Project)
  • Michael Tang (Best 5th Year Project)
  • Michael Joseph Scanlon (Best 5th Year Student)

Lawley Prize

  • Georgy Rybintsev

Napier Medal & Gangadhar Balwant Gadgil Prize for Best 4th Year Student

  • Jonathan Scott

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Prize

  • Jonathan Spence

George Williamson Memorial

  • Cheng Su Yeung

Congratulations to all for a job well done!