School of Mathematics

Tom Klose awarded MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship

Tom Klose has been awarded a MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship to work with Ilya Chevyrev on the project "Stochastic PDEs meet QFT: Large deviations, Uhlenbeck compactness and Yang-Mills. The overarching goal of this proposal is (a) to develop novel tools in the field of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) and (b) to apply them to mathematical quantum field theory (QFT), particularly quantum Yang-Mills (YM) theory. The YM measure in the physical 4D space-time describes how elementary particles interact at the subatomic level. Its rigorous mathematical construction, however, has so far eluded substantial progress, and accordingly made the list of famously difficult "Millennium problems." On the other hand, SPDE theory has witnessed a number of recent breakthroughs, notably Hairer's theory of regularity structures, which has allowed to make sense of previously ill-posed, singular equations.