About EVA

Previous EVA conferences took place in:

    •    Göteborg, Sweden (1998)

    •    Leuven, Belgium (2001)

    •    Aveiro, Portugal (2004)

    •    Göteborg, Sweden (2005)

    •    Bern, Switzerland (2007)

    •    Fort Collins, USA (2009)

    •    Lyon, France (2011)

    •    Shanghai, China (2013)

    •    Ann Arbor, USA (2015) 

    •    Delft, The Netherlands (2017)

    •    Zagreb, Croatia (2019)

About Edinburgh

With its stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture, and winding medieval streets, it’s easy to see why Edinburgh has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline and is the best known and most visited of our historic buildings.

However the castle is just the start of what Edinburgh has to offer. The National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland look after a wealth of properties in the city, all of which are available for you to explore.

We would also like to thank all the organizations supporting the conference