School of Mathematics

Travel Directions by Car to King's Buildings

Postcode for satnav navigation: EH9 3FD (some satnavs may find only the older postcode EH9 3JZ)

Please note that car parking within the campus is by permit only and you will incur an expensive parking charge from the University if you park without a permit.

Parking on the King's Buildings side of Mayfield Road is allowed except between the hours 8.30am-9.15am and 4pm-6pm (check signs for exact time restrictions). If you park within restricted times you will get a parking fine and your car could be towed away. Parking in the side streets across the roads from King's Buildings is allowed and there are no restrictions.

Alternatively, there is a Park & Ride site at Straiton (by the City Bypass on the A701 road from Penicuik) where you can park your car and then catch buses 47 (bus stop for service 37 also nearby) (to Cameron Toll shopping centre, 400 m from campus), or 67 (directly past the campus).

Directions from City Bypass (A720)

Unless you are driving from within the city, the best route is to approach Edinburgh via the City Bypass (A720) which travels around the southern edge of the city. To get to King's Buildings, take the Straiton exit (A701).

From Straiton junction, follow road signs towards the City Centre. After about 3 miles you will start to drive down a long fairly steep hill (Liberton Brae). As you approach the bottom of the hill, move into the left hand lane ahead of the junction with traffic lights at the foot of the hill. At the traffic lights, take the left hand fork in the road (entering Mayfield Road), continuing downhill slightly. Mayfield Road then rises up a short climb after about 300 m, with King's Buildings at the top of the climb on your left.

Once you have found a place to park, see our travel directions on getting to the School on foot.