School of Mathematics

Travel Directions by Bike to King's Buildings

How to travel to the University of Edinburgh King's Buildings campus and James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB) by bike.

From city centre

From the city centre and north, the best route is to cycle up The Mound road, which is halfway along Princes Street (be careful of the tram tracks). From here the road has cycle lanes all of the way to King's Buildings.

At the top of The Mound, cycle straight ahead along George IV Bridge. The road continues slightly to the left and ends at a T-junction opposite the University's McEwan Hall, where you should turn left.

Continue along the road you are now following for 2-3 miles, passing Potterrow, the Informatics Forum and the Meadows park en route. The road changes name several times, but becomes Mayfield Road as you near King's Buildings.

The approach to King's Buildings is indicated by a slight uphill climb as you approach a crossroads with traffic lights. There is a direction sign indicating that you are approaching King's Buildings as the road starts to rise up the hill. King's Buildings is on the far side of the crossroads, on the right hand side. There is a cycle traffic light (toucan crossing) to allow you to cross the junction into the northeast corner of the campus.

At the northeast entrance to the campus, there is a map indicating where to find the James Clerk Maxwell Building.

From the south

From the south, follow the signs for City Centre until you come to the Cameron Toll shopping centre area. From there, cycle up onto Mayfield Road and enter the campus via entrance 4 onto Max Born Crescent.

Cycle parking

Cycle parking stands are available at various points around the campus, including outside the entrance to JCMB.