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ASID (Adapt, Support, Implement, Deliver); our move towards hybrid teaching

An overview of the work that the ASID project completed

Video: ASID summer overview
ASID summer overview

Adapt, Support, Implement, Deliver: How the School of Mathematics adapted to hybrid teaching

Iain Gordon:

"The ASID project was the School’s response to facing the immediate challenges of covid-19. It gave us common purpose and a short-term organisation that provided structure and stability in a difficult time. Many people, all across the School, contributed energy, hard work and good humour to the project. Out of this, the most wonderful thing has happened, however, something that will live beyond Covid: the act of working together with groups of students, as co-creators, to improve our learning environment. We saw our students in a new light and they were superb: talented, questioning and diligent. Their contribution to the project to deliver hybrid teaching this year was enormous; but possibly greater still was the new connection we have with our students and which we want to continue year after year after year."


What I'd tell my first year self

Members of the ASID group took the opportunity to tell us what advice they would give to their first year selves!

Mathematics Today

ASID project - A Student Centred Approach to Hybrid Education

Reflections of a course creation support assistant

Reflection piece written by a course creation support assistant, discussing their time on the ASID project

Navigating life after graduation – a 2020 graduate’s perspective

Colette Sheard, 2020 Mathematics graduate and ASID intern shares her journey from graduation during Covid-19

Reflections on support from ASID for hybrid teaching

Colette Sheard in conversation with David Jordan and Charlotte Desvages about the ASID Creation Support Project which helped the school prepare for a successful transition to hybrid teaching.