School of Mathematics

Race and Ethnicity

The School of Mathematics is working to create an inclusive culture which ensures we celebrate diversity and foster a feeling of belonging for students and staff of all races and ethnicities.

Inclusive Language and Behaviour

The School is promoting many initiatives and projects to ensure we are not just passively against racism, but actively antiracist. We are working to understand the history of a mostly white university, and how it contributes to students who feel as if they do not belong. The School of Mathematics aims to listen to the lived experience of people of colour and work to take accountability, so that we can enact real change.

The University have provided an Inclusive Language Guide which details how to discuss race and ethnicity in an inclusive way. This guide is by no means exhaustive, and the School recommends its students and staff do some research of their own surrounding terminology and language to useThe most important and easiest way to be respectful is to ask each individual their preferences, as everyone is different. 

The University's main EDI webpages provide information surrounding racial microaggressions and how to identify and address them.

How does this affect mathematics?

Too often, mathematicians promote the work of white European men, and no-one else. There has been a history of ignoring the contributions of other cultures and ethnicities, which the School of Mathematics is aiming to combat by decolonising the curriculum (see Decolonisation in Mathematics for more information). This is an informative video about 11 famous African American mathematicians and their important contributions to the field.



To read more about the initiatives and events the School of Mathematics is involved in to tackle racism within the school, read our EDI Action Plan and visit our Initiatives and Events page, and see how you can get involved.