School of Mathematics

Gender and LGBTQ+

We are committed to ensuring equality for students and staff of all genders, and promoting respect and kindness in discussions surrounding gender, gender identity and sexuality.

Inclusive Language and Behaviour

The School of Mathematics aims to provide students and staff with an inclusive community where gender is never assumed. We are doing this by promoting gender-neutral language, and encouraging all staff and students to change their Microsoft and Outlook settings to identify gender-specific language and offer alternative words instead. 

The School also follows the new Inclusive Language Guide released by the University, which outlines the importance of treating everyone with respect, and using the correct words and pronouns to do so.  However, the most important and easiest way to be respectful is to ask the individual their preferences, as each individual is different.

The School of Mathematics has gender neutral bathroom facilities and baby changing facilities in both JCMB and the Bayes Centre. For further information, see our facilities section.

Facilities | Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The School also provides a comprehensive list of pronouns for staff and students to choose from on the new Learn Ultra system. This allows members of the School to display their preferred pronouns easily, at their own discretion and with no need for formal documentation.

"The Leaky Pipeline" in Mathematics

The term "leaky pipeline" is a metaphor referring to the structural and systemic barriers in place which impede the progression of women's careers in STEM subjects. In university mathematics, this is commonly seen after undergraduate study, where the gender gap gets progressively larger, resulting in a very limited number of women in senior positions. The School of Mathematics is working on many initiatives to promote a learning and research environment which is supportive of women and seeks to offer equitable opportunities wherever needed, details of which can be found in the Action Plan. 


To read more about these initiatives, see the School of Mathematics’ EDI Action Plan and our Initiatives and Events page, and see how you can get involved.