School of Mathematics


The School of Mathematics aims to provide an inclusive and accessible space for people with disabilities, long-standing illnesses, chronic conditions, and those who consider themselves to be neurodivergent.

Inclusive Language and Accessibility

The University has provided an Inclusive Language Guide, with the aim of ensuring every individual is treated with respect. Not defining an individual or group by their disabilities or conditions is a cornerstone of respectful communication, however the easiest way to be respectful is to ask the individual their preferences, as each individual is different and not all disabilities are visible. For example, some people may prefer person-first language (e.g. person with a disability) and others may prefer identity-first language (e.g. disabled person). Remember that not everyone will discuss their disability or condition in the same way, as everyone has different experiences, and so asking the individual what they prefer is paramount.

The University of Edinburgh has partnered with AccessAble (previously called DisabledGo) to provide full access guides and other accessibility services to students, giving specific information for each campus and building within the city. Specific information is available for King's Buildings, including locations of accessible toilets, quiet study areas, and ramped/sloped door access.

The School is compliant with the University-wide accessibility guides, with physical accessibility information for campus buildings, and assistive learning technology available for all students who require support.


To read more about the initiatives and events the School of Mathematics is involved in to combat (dis)ableism, and ensure staff and students with disabilities are treated equitably and with respect, read our EDI Action Plan and visit our Initiatives and Events page, and see how you can get involved.