School of Mathematics


We have compiled a list of resources and further reading surrounding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in mathematics.

Decolonisation in Mathematics

The School of Mathematics is committed to 'decolonising the curriculum', the process of undoing the effects of colonisation and rethinking mathematics that unfairly maintain a European-centred mindset.


Intersectionality is the idea that many people face multiple oppressions and have varied experiences of discrimination, based on multiple characteristics.

Gender and LGBTQ+

We are committed to ensuring equality for students and staff of all genders, and promoting respect and kindness in discussions surrounding gender, gender identity and sexuality.

Race and Ethnicity

The School of Mathematics is working to create an inclusive culture which ensures we celebrate diversity and foster a feeling of belonging for students and staff of all races and ethnicities.


The School of Mathematics aims to provide an inclusive and accessible space for people with disabilities, long-standing illnesses, chronic conditions, and those who consider themselves to be neurodivergent.

Socio-Economic Class

We are committed to fostering a School environment which offers equal opportunity and respect to students and staff from all socio-economic class backgrounds.

Celebrating Diverse Mathematics

We have created a social media series called 'Diverse Mathematics', which aims to promote the work of mathematicians from under-represented backgrounds and prove that mathematicians can be from any demographic.