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Power Systems Test Case Archive

How to use this archive

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Following are the test cases which you can find in this archive:

Running power flow test cases

Download the test case 'test' in your MATPOWER[1] folder. PF and OPF can be run by the commands runpf('test'), runopf('test',) respectively. We have checked the feasibility of all test cases by Matpower and by range of solvers using our AMPL ACOPF model.



[1] R. D. Zimmerman, C. E. Murillo-Sanchez, and R. J. Thomas, "MATPOWER: Steady-State Operations, Planning and Analysis Tools for Power Systems Research and Education," Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 12–19, Feb. 2011.


Last Updated: March 31, 2013