How to use this archive


Test Case Archive of Optimal Power Flow (OPF) Problems with Local Optima

How to use this archive

Whats in it

Following are the main test cases which you can find in this archive:

Running test cases

Download the test case in your MATPOWER[1] folder. PF and OPF can be run by the commands runpf('test'), runopf('test') respectively. By default MATPOWER use PDMIP or MIPS to solve OPF problem. Note that these solvers does not take user defined intial points. If you want to reproduce the local solutions reported here use 'fmincon' as a solver and give a staring point close to the reported local solutions, or use other solvers which can take user defined initial points. We have checked the optimality of the local solutions using KNITRO, IPOPT and SNOPT with our AMPL ACOPF model.

Using data for local solutions of test cases

The data of local solutions is in MAT format. The data can be loaded from MAT-file into workspace by the command load('filename') in command window of MATLAB. Data is contained in a structure 'ACsol' of dimensions '1xnL', where nL is the number of local solutions. ACsol contains the complete solution of AC-Optimal power flow problem.

If you are using any package/modelling language other than MATLAB then you can write the relevant data file using CSV (or TXT,MAT) file format. A script to convert MAT<->CSV and MAT<->TXT file format can be be found on main page of this archive.



Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2013