School of Mathematics


The School of Mathematics is committed not only to doing great new research, but also to telling people about it.

photograph from science festival

We have a talented team of staff and students who work hard to communicate their love of mathematics to the wider community.  Sometimes this is through talks or school masterclasses; sometimes it involves doing exhibitions at science festivals or visiting local schools.  Whatever the medium, our goal is to change the public perception of mathematics as being dull, boring and useless and to show people that maths is actually beautiful, elegant and creative subject that underpins much of modern society.


On this website you can find out more about the events that we organise for the public and for schools, as well as read about our dedicated Mathematics Outreach Team. Visit out Explore Further page to find out about the cutting-edge research being done here at the School of Mathematics, read our magazine, or start planning your mathematical walking tour of Edinburgh...


Recent and Upcoming Events

10th-14th April 2018: Maths: the Alphabeth of the Universe (Edinburgh International Science Festival)

At the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street, members of the School of Mathematics' Outreach Team joined other scientists from the University to show off what it is that makes their subject great, with hands-on exhibits and enthusiastic student volunteers to guide people through the science. 

Through our activities this year visitors had a chance to explore some of the mathematical rules of nature; discover how our cells stick together; find out how Mathematics can help us predict the future of our planet, then make their own predictions; create their own model of a mini-Universe, and then consider the “shape” of planets, our galaxy, and the whole Universe. 


19th May 2018: Maths Circle

The Edinburgh Maths Circle is an opportunity for children aged 5 to 16 and their families to join us for an afternoon of fun, puzzles, and stimulating hands-on mathematics. More details can be found on this page.


12th June 2018: Maths Inspiration

Maths Inspiration, one of the most successful Maths enrichment programs in the UK, is coming to Scotland for the first time. Some of the best maths communicators in the country are coming to Edinburgh to inspire our S3 and S4 students, and to show them the creativity of Mathematics and its applicability to our everyday life. Check this page for further information.